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Financial Planning for Individuals and Families

Goal Funding

Whether you are saving up for retirement, your child’s education, or your dream home, we can help break down every part of the savings journey so that you can have confidence that your goals will be achieved. Whether achieving your goal requires a lump-sum payment, such as a down payment on a home, or requires a payout over many years, such as retirement income, we will help you determine how much you need to contribute over a certain timeline in order to achieve your goals. Furthermore, we will integrate all of your goals in one financial plan so that they can progress in unison with one another. 

Financial Planning for Individuals and Families - Goal Funding
Goal Funding

Investment Allocation

Choosing the right investment allocation is a balancing act between risk, reward, and tax planning. After you have completed the investment process, we will know what your comfort for investment risk is and have a portfolio allocation that has been custom built for you. The value that financial planning adds is in determining how your money is invested. There are many different investment accounts that offer various benefits and many different investment funds that offer various forms of return (interest, dividend, capital gain). The value that we can offer is in advising how to utilize each type of account and fund return most effectively in your financial plan. 

Visit our investments page for more information. 


Certain investment accounts and returns can be great tools for tax planning. Certain types of investments can be great tools for estate planning. 

Financial Planning for Individuals and Families - Investment Allocation
Investment Allocation


The insurance component of your financial plan is the foundation from which we build. Without it, you risk the chance of eroding all of your hard work by drawing on savings at the first sign of trouble. We will help ensure that you and those who depend on you are taken care of in case of financial hardship caused by death, critical illness, disability, health and dental issues, or an emergency. The added value that a financial plan offers is that it incorporates all of your financial information when determining your need for insurance. In addition, incorporating insurances into a financial plan will provide us with an opportunity to see if there is a fit to use insurance as a tool to minimize your tax liabilities and grow your wealth. 

Visit our insurance page for more information. 

Did you know...

Insurance is a great tool for tax and estate planning. 

Financial Planning for Individuals and Families - Insurance

Private Corporations

Financial planning for owners of private corporations is one of our specialties. A corporation can be a highly effective tool when planning, if used correctly. We can help maximize the growth of your business and its internal assets while minimizing your tax liabilities. In addition to keeping the tax man away, we can ensure the continuity and longevity of your business and its employees. Financial planning for professionals and business owners often overlaps with financial planning for individuals and families for many reasons. The most prevalent reason, however, is that the personal financial success of a business owner is inherently reliant on the financial success of their business. 

Financial Planning for Individuals and Families - Private Corporations
Private Corporation
Financial Planning for Individuals and Families

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